See the space

Hidden from the outside, but once inside, you will be surprised by the tasteful interior. The space is characterized by lots of wood this creates a warm look and feel.

People’s Place connects an intimate atmosphere with a cosmopolitan vibe. Exactly this ambiance makes every event held here special and unforgettable.

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People’s place can be rented exclusively and features different areas

The venue can be divided into different areas if your situation calls for it. Our location hosts up to 650 guests for a party or reception. We can accommodate 200 persons for a seated dinner, or 400 for a walking dinner.

The lunchroom/bar area is located closest to the entrance; a welcoming space divided by log screens, a long bar, wooden flooring and rugged lounge sofas.

The intermediate area can be characterized as an intimate space but can be furnished with a bar and a separate sound system for an exciting dance area feel. A staircase from the bar will lead you to the lounge area, offering a view on the other areas. This has been decorated with roomy, comfortable seating arrangements. Ideal for small meetings during an event.

Next to the bar area is the concert area. The familiar style is apparent, but it offers larger capacity seating, a fully equipped stage and a view of the open kitchen.

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People’s Place is the perfect space

  • Central location in Amsterdam
  • Easily Accessible by car, public transport or bike
  • Highly experienced catering and production team
  • The space is equipped with a professional kitchen and staff
  • The location is equipped with state-of-the-art audio, video, DJ and lighting installations

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